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FOR SALE: JDS Multi-Router
Model: 101-L

Condition: Used, nly ever used in hobbyist shop very infrequently.


Standard Accessories:
• Manual Clamps (2)
• End Stop Extension
• Bench Dogs (4)
• Printed & Digital Manual

Additional Accessories:
• Pneumatic/Air Powered Clamps
• Master Insert Holder (for variable size templates)
• Variable Template Set: 3/8×1
• Variable Template Set: 3/8×1/2
• Variable Template Set: ¼ x 1
• Circular Tenon Template

Interested? Contact Jeremy
woodwrangler [at] gmail [dot] com
Located in Bradenton, Florida

ASKING: $2,300 OBO
Pickup would be preferred, but I full expect some shipping coordination will be required.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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