JDS Company - 750ER Air Filtration System (Rating: 5)

This is a VERY PRELIMINARY rating, since I only acquired this in the past few weeks. I couldn't decide between 4 stars and 5, for the minor reasons noted below. I can't speak to longevity, obviously. After a serious round of allergies, I thought I'd better do something about the dust in my shop. I chose this air filter in part based on various reviews on several sites, including Lumberjocks, and on advice from the staff at Woodcraft in Leesburg, VA. Another factor was the washable pre-filter included with the JDS; the Jet charges more than $50 extra for this, and as noted in a number of threads, it does not take a standard-size furnace filter as a replacement. The generic replacement at WC was about $16. Comments about the packaging, fit and finish, and quality control on the Jet and others concerned me. After unpacking this unit, I checked it over very carefully for damage; it was in perfect shape.

I plugged it in and it didn't seem to work. I re-read the instructions and found nothing that helped. I thought about the typical printer and all of the internal packaging tape and foam, so I pulled the corner of the rear filter and removed it; sure enough, there were two foam blocks jammed into the squirrel-cage blower. You can see the two sheet-metal screws at the very bottom of the second picture, with the two foam blocks. After reassembly, it worked perfectly. I don't have a decibel meter, so I can't give a numerical reading, but the sound level seems acceptable at low speed, and slightly distracting at medium and high speeds. Afterwards, I noticed that the paper tag on the power cord contained a note about removing the shipping blocks; it seems odd they didn't mention this in the directions.

The only quibble I have is the spacing of the mounting bolts; they are 16" by 30"-and my house floor trusses are 24" on center. 30" certainly seems like an odd dimension (why not 24" or 32"?); thus the plywood plate for mounting purposes.

I was SURE I had enough space; but as you can see in the last picture, the garage door misses only by a hair, and that only after a fair amount of tinkering. Oh, well-gotta laugh!