J-B Weld - KwikWeld (Rating: 4)

Hi All;

So many of us have used the standard 25 minutes J-B Weld that well takes 25 minutes to cure. As many people know, that is a long time to keep something clamped and it usually in my experience takes a few hours to actually cure. The other day I had to make a repair to my car and I went into the big Orange box to pick up some J-B Weld. I came across the 6 MINUTE J-B Weld KwikWeld. I'd never seen it before (might have been out for years, I don't know). I personally didn't want to sit and hold a turning lamp in place for several hours so I figured I'd give this stuff a shot.

J-B Weld KwikWeld comes in the two standard tubes. Just like the longer open time formula, this is a 1 to 1 mix. I noticed that the viscosity of the chemicals will change dramatically with temperature changes. In the house it was about 10 degrees F cooler than outside and once the tubes heated up, the chemicals have a slight flow to them before they are mixed.

I cleaned off the surfaces to be glued, mixed up the J-B Weld and applied it, then taped the parts together to hold them in place. Being that I was bored waiting for the curing process to finish I decided to play with the remaining mixed epoxy. Sure enough, at about the 4 minute mark it started to really show signs of setting up. At 5 minutes, the epoxy was very tacky and difficult to move. At a little after 6 minutes, the J-B Weld had setup and wasn't going anywhere.

Later on in the day, I took the car for a drive and the light didn't move at all. The J-B Weld held as expected.

Ok so why four stars? Simply put it's the tubes. They are a pain to store and keep clean. Also, if you use the cap to pierce the tube, you now have chemicals on the cap which can add to the mess. While J-B does make a dual tube applicator, my box store didn't have them in stock.