iVac - Pro System (Rating: 5)

I thought of adding an automatic blast gate system to my shop every time I forgot to open/close a gate. (I actually thought I'd stop doing that, but I didn't.) Then I saw the review by pintodeluxe (aka, Willie) and I decided to do some more research and eventually purchased the system through Infinity.

The technician at iVAC (Dave) was extremely knowledgeable and always courteously responded to my questions, from pre-purchase to set up. I started by mounting a piece of 3/4" painted plywood to my Laguna DC. As that 2hp unit draws 12 amps Dave recommended I install a Contacter unit between the switch and the DC (it's the grey box above the yellow switch in the photo). I believe it is a heavy duty switch that can take the 12 amps without worry of damaging the iVAC system.

The system was easy to wire up and install. The components are very heavy duty. And, it all works as advertised. I have an auto gate on four machines. I didn't see the need to have them on a few other machines, but did buy the iVAC Remote to operate the DC for the manual gates.

I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of forgetting to open/close manual blast gates. BTW - be sure to check out the video from pintodeluxe,
. He gives a great explanation of how the unit is actually set up.