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It's frustrating....

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& I hope it is not a sign of worse things to come. I turn 78 next week & discover that there are some projects that I made after retiring that I can look at now & find that I have forgotten how I made them & don't ask me what kind of finish I used cause I no longer have a clue. I suppose there is an upside in that if I were to make the project again it would be as interesting as a entirely new project. LOL.
I dunno, maybe it's a natural symptom & others experience the same thing & nothing to do with age ????
What say you.
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I have the same problem, except a majority of the time I can't even remember yesterday. I think it has a lot to do with interest. We do so many things, and as hobbiests the newer things we do the less interested we are in things we previously made. The newer projects are so much better, with better techniques, etc. I've made a lot of stuff in the past and probably wouldn't recognize some of them if I saw them. I also think it may have to do with who we make them for. If you make them for you or someone in your house it's visible to you all the time. If you make it for Joe down the street and you never see it again, it's easy to forget. I don't think it has anything to do with age, although maybe when you are much older it might. You're still a young buck. Ask us again in 12 years when you're 90.
then again ,
you can look at someone elses work you like ,
and say " i did this years ago " ,
but i do better work now !

and believe it !
What was the post about?
I think it is about memory loss butg I can't seem to remeber. Yes I have experienced this phenomena myself at 42. So you are definitely not alone
That's why I sign my work - so I can look at it and say "I guess I must have made this".
I do the same I also put the year
I'm always trying something new. The bad part of that is that when I finally get around to doing that same thing again, I've forgotten how to do it, and so I have to learn all over again!
The sign of getting old…..................................

uh….............I forgot what it was.
Memory is the second thing to go… I forgot what the first was…
There are three things that go as we age. Memory, and I forget what the other ones are. Don't sweat it. I looked at a project I did about 15 years ago, and I can't remember what finish I used on it or how I did it either, and I'm not near 78. I think you're doin' great. By the way, you guys finally got a goalie, so your Oilers might have a chance this year!
Memory is a complicated set of biological components, it is to bad we (as a race) won't crack that code until long after all of us reading this are probably dead or we just don't remember that we didn't know. :)
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