Bally Block Co. - 30" x 60" Workbench Top (Rating: 3)

My dad was coming to town to visit and at the last minute I decided that we would start working on a workbench for my shop. I chose the workbench from the Oct. 2015 FWW. Feeling rushed, I decided to purchase this top instead of making one.

When we got it home from Woodcraft and removed the cardboard wrapping, I was disappointed that the long edges had a 1/4" round-over. I'm surprised Woodcraft didn't carry the squared edges.

Needing to mount a vise and to make it a bit wider for the base, I had to cut off the long edges.

The top is flat in both directions. The boards that make up the top weren't all full with, leaving voids on the underside which are filled with a resin. Not really an issue as nobody is going to see it but me.

The finish isn't silky smooth.

I'm not 100% happy with it. I won't be replacing it and it will probably last a long time. And now I have a suitable workbench.