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It is finished!

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As some of you know I have been restoring/modifying and updating a 1987 Delta Unisaw.
If you are interested I have blog here:

Last weekend I finished the project, here are some pics;

Furniture Table Cabinetry Computer desk Desk

Wood Shelf Gas Machine Fixture

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Gas Fixture

Cabinetry Table Wood Drawer Wood stain

Wood Gas Hardwood Machine Electronic device

Wood Tool Musical instrument Gas Hardwood

Wood Door Wood stain Hardwood Gas

Wood Floor Hardwood Wood stain Gas

Wood Composite material Engineering Machine Rectangle

I have spent a total of around $1200.00.


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Wow, very nice b2rtch. I'm curious where did you get that little "scissor jack" if that's what it is called? I could use one of those. The saw does look great though. Great job.
Great job! I am sure you will put it to good use after you are done admiring how good it looks.
Man youd have to peel me away from that set up … Bert you did a great job and youll have a saw station for life with enough power to cut anything youd like.
Fantastic job, I've been following (and empathizing with) your threads regarding finding the right saw…glad to see it worked out so well for you. I'll come to these pictures when despairing at the time it is taking me to find the right saw…looks like it works out in the end with a little patience and hard work! Hope you have fun with your new setup!

Great job on the UniSaw. I have a Right tilt 84 model that I need to restore myself.
I love the router table lift :D
Fantastic job, Bert. It looks brand spanking new.
Nice going! You put my Unisaw to shame.

Followed you all along the way and glad you got it done, and so well too.
Looks great !
that looks great Bert.
Very nice work - it looks newer than new!
The saw was in excellent condition when I bought it.
Even it is 25 years old, it looks like it has been very little used.

Thank you all.
The saw looks like it's new now. You did a great job on all of this.

Bert, I am super impressed! That's amazing. How do you like that benchdogs router table insert? I ordered one for my saw but haven't gotten it yet. Can this thing be manhandled into place by myself with some 2×4's, or is it a 2 person job?
I did not yet used the router table but I do not expect any issue with it.
I had no issue installing it as it is not excessively heavy ( I am old but still strong. I manhandled the table saw out of my trailer all by my self. I also lifted it up from the ground to replace the base all by myself)) but I had issue installing the router, none of the holes lined up , I ended up drilling and counter sinking my own, some of the screws were missing, I had to cut the bottom of the plastic insert as it was too thick and interfering with the router base ( fully up the full collet nut is above the table) not allowing to have flat surface and I am not sure that i like the large opening in the insert, I wish that they used a different system like wood strove rings.
Altogether it seems very nice especially the fence and the double slot in the front.
I am sure that I shall like very much.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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