Bosch - Gas 25 Workshop Vac (Rating: 2)

A while ago I reviewed my Bosch Gas25 Workshop Vacuum.

In a nutshell, it died prematurely. I took it to the powertool ER. Two days later their 'Tech Guy' (or should I say 'Tech Buffoon') pronounced it DoA - 'yeah, it's your control panel mate, uneconomical repair'.

My review, as you can imagine, was not favourable.

Then, by a twist of fate, like Lazarus - it returned to life. It seems it just needed a good rest.

It happened like this…

There was a job to do in the far corner of the shop, that dark corner far away from any sockets, full of spiders, the odd beer can, the place where all the junk is piled prior to going to landfill. I needed somewhere to plug the jigsaw in. Would I get an extension cord out of the van? or chance plugging it in to the expired vacuum, which was destined to be recycled? I opted for the latter and depressed the trigger on the jigsaw, hoping that the juice would flow through the take off socket, YES!, jigsaw operational!, no need for the extension reel.

No signs of life from the vacuum either as expected.

Ear muffs on, cutting of the template complete, ear muffs off.


You could have knocked me over with a feather - the Bosch had awoken from it's deep coma and was happily sucking away in the corner, without a bother in the world.

Delighted at my good fortune, I stripped the old girl down, sucked out all the saw dust from the electrics with my wife's vacuum cleaner, and gave the switch a short squirt of the miracle elixir WD40.

Now it performs as good as new. So if there's a lesson to be learned from this, it's don't take your broken down stuff to EPT in Carlow, they are clearly idiots, who only want to sell you new stuff.