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I was routing mortises on 2 X 3s leg for an assembly table. It was a nuisance removing all the the accumulated chips in the mortise as I do not have a vacuum to attach to my router. I tried removing the waste with my fingers but it is cumbersome and for small mortises it is just not possible. I tried a narrow chisel but I have to do it 3 to 5 times to get most of them out and still a substantial amount is left in the mortise enough to prevent me from seeing my progress. I tried blowing air into the mortise with my mouth and all the chips flew right into my face. Stupid me!

I remembered I have a small hand pump. I got it free when I bought a basketball.

Just a few strokes and all the chips are gone.

By the way, I used a guide bushing riding on 3/4" plywood jig. So flipping it over is also out of the question as everything was clamped to the workbench.

It was my first time to make a mortise using a guide bushing and a jig. And from now on I don't think I will be doing mortises any other way. The mortises are all neatly cut and identical. The quality of the result far offset the time and it took to fabricate the jig which is not all that difficult.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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