DeWalt - DW 735 Shelix replacement head (Rating: 5)

Several months ago I posted a negative review on the Shelix replacement head for my Dewalt 735. The problem was that the replacement heads are normally slightly smaller in diameter which makes it possible to install a Shelix with all the cutters in place through the main bearing seat on the drive end. However, I found the reduced diameter to be a problem as now I had snipe and a reduced cutting range and increased roller pressure.

After a couple of phone calls and emails to Byrd Tool, the maker of Shelix, they agreed to replace my Shelix with one of a larger diameter matching the cutting diameter of the original Dewalt head. The problem becomes that it is necessary to remove most of the cutters so that the head will fit trough the bearing seat on the drive end. There's no way that the head can be installed with all the cutters in place. So off I went to Harbor Freight for a torque wrench (less then $20) and then removed the cutters. The new head installed without a problem and while a bit time consuming, it is not difficult to reinstall the cutters and torque them to the appropriate setting.

The end result is that I've got a machine that gives a beautiful cut and the snipe has vanished, the cutting depth is back to the original range and it performs to my satisfaction. Byrd Tool really came through for me and makes me a really happy owner of a Dewalt with a spiral cutting head.