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ISO: Greater Toledo OH Hardwood Supplier

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In search of a rough sawn hardwood supplier in the greater Toledo area, as well as a reliable plywood source. Just moved to Ohio from the mid Atlantic and setting up a new shop, looking to establish some local contacts, and pull together materials for the usual shop setup projects (Outfeed and assembly table, mitre station, storage cabinets, etc...) so Birch Ply, MDF, Hard Maple, some Poplar and the like are first on my list. Let me know if anyone has recommendations for this part of the world.
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Kencraft for hardwood and Toledo Plywood for sheet goods are on North Westwood just south of Dorr. North Westwood is named Douglas north of Dorr. I drive down from Michigan to get materials for both of them.
Thanks Steve, appreciate the recommendations!
Really appreciate the intel! I'm a regular traveler from Toledo area to Akron, Pittsburg and Youngstown, definitely good with a couple hour drive to bring home some good stuff...thanks for the options!
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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