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Is this jointer worth restoring?

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I found this upstairs in my parents shop (I'm using half of the downstairs for my workshop). I believe it was my grandparents since I don't remember ever seeing my old man use it. I spun it by hand and it doesn't seem seized, I've also never used a jointer but it could come in handy here in the future as I dive into more woodworking projects.
Is there still parts available? That's my biggest concern, I could see myself getting it all cleaned up and not being able to find new blades etc. model number on the plate is 103.21820. sorry about pic quality, it was dark up there and I only had my phone. Any info appreciated!



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Usually you can get parts for anything craftsman on

Nice find!
I always use johnsons paste wax. Might not be "The Best" but its cheap and works well.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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