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Is there a National Search for Craigslist?

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I've been using a national search for Craigslist listings called Craiglook. In the last year I've bought a wheelchair (porch) lift in Boston, a basement full of woodworking tools in Pittsburgh, and an innocent, rust free car in New Jersey and brought them back to Western New York using the site. I saved myself and others a lot of money and met some really nice people.

Unfortunately the Craigslist people forced Craiglook to shut down a few weeks ago. The new site that Craiglook directs you to isn't very good as it can't direct you to a Craigslist listing. I don't understand why Craigslist doesn't have a nation-wide search capability and I don't know what their problem was with Craiglook. but I miss it. The items I bought were not for sale locally.

Is there an easy way to do a nationwide (or a -250 mile) search on Craigslist listings? Thanks. -Jack
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There is a site I've used for quite some time:

You're not able to use this site with Internet Explorer, however. The instructions are pretty easy to follow on how to setup your browser.

Hope it helps!

I like this one Search Tempest
I also use Search Tempest but just for local items. Not sure that is what you are looking for.
Craigspal has a free version that is very god. It is called Craigslist. Here is the link:
Chad- Thanks Crazedlist looks good but it doesn't seem to work with Chrome either.

Abbott, Bill - Thanks. Search Tempest is pretty close to Craiglook. I never noticed this site in my searches and the search sites I had found were shut down.

John- Thanks. I've got to look closer at Craigspal. Never thought there would be a stand-alone program. The save/history feature sure would clean up my favorites folders.

OH NO! Now I might spend even more time on Craigslist. Thanks again. -Jack
Go to Google and search for "" plus your key words. Like this: router porter cable
I've been able to get Crazedlist to work well with Opera - hope you find one that works.

Peter has the right way of doing this. I did this method for ages until Craigslook was created. Now that they are dead, I'm back to the old way…
Craigzoom looks pretty useful. Not as useful as Craigslook but certainly a viable alternative. has a good national craigslist search on it. Does it by region and state also.
I use SearchTempest. They recently too had to change their way of listing results. It used to appear like craigslist ads, now they just list the links.

Oddly, if you have a smartphone, you can use craigslist mobile app to search (I have the one for iPhone). It allows me to configure it to list several other locations around my local one. So, I list my craiglist and all the surrounding states' lists as well.

If you read the story about Craig from craigslist, he's an odd character. This exact topic (national search) has been asked him several times. The general idea is that it goes against the idea of being a local search site and that they will do whatever they need to to make sure it stays that way. They routinely change the inner workings to break other aggregating sites and send out "friendly," "Would you please stop it" letters to companies that keep doing so.
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