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Is the dust bee gone dust mask any good?

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Is the dust bee gone dust mask any good? Does it really work as advertised or just slow down the big stuff? It looks more comfortable than a respirator in the heat. The disposable ones don't seal on me, so are actually worse than not wearing one at all. I don't know anyone who has one, so hoping a fellow lumberjock can give me some feedback on it.
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Hey Kaybee
I have a couple they work great and you save a lot on dust mask because dust be gone is washable you just use it over and over
i use one everyday for sanding and it works great, and i have a beard , so those little paper ones don't seal at all for me.
Great! glad to hear that they really work, not just a good idea. Woodcraft has them on sale for $33, so I 'm going to order one now.
I love mine. Doesn't fog the glasses. Rinses out easy.
I also have one and have used it for the past 5-6 years. I wash it regularly and it seems to work great. I have a beard and glasses and it is the only one that does not fog my glasses.
OK, I'm sold, doesn't fog glasses and reusable. Thanks for the good info.
I'll be the devil's advocate on this one. I've had one for a year and don't really care for it. It doesn't fit very tightly so fine dust can seep around the edges. I think this has more use for a turner (big curls) or when working on machines that don't produce super-fine dust.

I do agree that it helps immensely when it comes to fogging the glasses. It doesn't funnel the air up to cause fog.

Just a couple thoughts.
I know they come in different sizes and I had some of the same problems until I bought the larger size.
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