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I was looking for a bandsaw and not wanting to spend a lot. A coworker, who I do not know that well, is selling a Delta 28-475x for 175 with the mobile base and 2 delta blades still in the packaging. The saw was bought in 2005 and the guy still has all the original warranty and instructions. It is a 14" bandsaw and I would like to do some resaw; I need to do some research and see if it can support a riser block and 3/4" blade.

The question is a saw that retailed for 800ish and is 5 years old worth 175? Does the X5 line stand up well? My goal would be to buy one unit of whatever I buy and keep for the next 10-20 years if not longer. The unit has no rust and guy is a fanatic about his tools, so I am pretty sure it is well taken care of. I did some test cuts and it tracks well without much drift. The unit is small and quite which is making me lean towards a yes.

If you were in the market for a smaller bandsaw would you buy it?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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