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Is it real or photoshopped?

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I'm guessing it's photoshopped, or otherwise not real. Why? because looking at the cut… it would take a 30 foot chainsaw to make that cut. Also the large splinter hanging on the side, by the cable. Seems a splinter that big would have fallen off. But I could be wrong. What say you?

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I would also say that the log is a teensy-weensy bit too big for that truck.
I want to see the saw they used to cut it into. Mother of all saws.
I don't see any other trees like this in the forrest behind the log. There are trees that large but there is not just one tree in a forest of smaller trees. It would be nice to see a closer view of the growth rings to see if they were 2 feet wide. I cut a 37 inch diasmeter oak tree. The log I wanted to move was about 10 feet long. It was estimated (with a chart for this type of thing) to be about 5,000 pounds. This log would weigh a hundred tons.
Depending where the photo was taken Ted. If in the USA I would say it was photoshopped but it could possibly be one of our Australian Red Gums so it would be a real fair dinkum photo. By the way this would be one of
the SMALLER Murray Red Gum trunks maybe 4-500 years old. Makes damn good fire wood.
Optical illusion.

The log is in the foreground. The truck is in the distance.
Woodcraft shared it on their facebook page.. assuming it really is Woodcrafts facebook page :)

So I just thought I'd post it here and get some of you guys's opinions.

I was thinking maybe Paul Bunyan and his little brother with a 2-man hand saw?
Maybe not photo-shopped. Ever hear of Forced perspective. The log is real close to the camera, note the crane BESIDE it. That truck is a long way off. I'll bet the logs on that truck are the same size as the one hanging there.
no shadow?
Some of the trees in the back ground are growing under the log and on the front side and that tree on top in the background sooooo much taller then its' neighbors.
Loren, I was also thinking that.. but it looks like the top of the racks on the truck are in front of the very bottom of the log.

Bob, we have a few trees this size and larger, such as Sequoia Redwood. But like Grandpa pointed out, the trees in the background don't appear anywhere near the same size.

Anyway, I just posted it here for kicks. I'm sure there's enough wood in that log to build a nice end table.
Tyler, good point. The truck has a shadow under it, as does the crane.
I gotta agree with you, Bandit. I was thinking not force perspective because the top of the truck racks seem to be in front of the log. But then I looked closer and I think they are behind the log. I think it's not photoshopped but force perspective, as you say.
now everyone will know the secret of my big fish pictures :)
what gives it away is the cable size and also the control panel size also no shadow under the log so the pic is of the log up close. looks like a double exposure.
Might look real after maybe a dozen beer . . .
I don't think it is photoshopped. I think they just got a perspective in which it just looks huge.
by the size of the control box i would say the log is about 6 feet in diameter
I think it's real. There are tree still growing on this planet that have a base diameter of 36" and larger. Sequoias and Cedars.
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