Sterling Publishing Company - Whacky Toys, Whirligigs & Whatchamacallits (Rating: 5)

Rodney Frost put together probably one of the most unusual project books I have ever seen. In it, you will not really find any detailed scale plans, nor projects that one would immediately think of or look to create. The beauty of this book is the openness to creativity and the ideas and techniques that really could do wonders for one's own hand made toys.

The book consists of items that I would consider more modern folk art than real toys. You do explore various cranks and gizmos that facilitate movement. The author does break down his own designs with pictures and patterns but leaves a little bit open for your own exploration. But you would have to read and take away something and add to your own creative mind.

Bottom line, if you like the mixture of woodworking and art, you should love this book. If you are looking for toy patterns and straight schematic diagrams, you should steer clear. I found the book kind of refreshing and very original. And if you don't walk away looking at your wood scraps with more anticipation and inspiration then when you started, there is something definitely wrong with you ;)