Infinity - 010-060 60 Tooth 10" Hi-ATB Blade (Rating: 5)

This is an amazingly clean cutting blade and it happens to have good versatility too. The Hi-ATB teeth are exceptional for crosscutting, but it also rips very cleanly in material to ~ 6/4". It'll excel in fine veneered plywood, melamine, hardwood, or other laminate, and is versatile enough to be used for general purpose work. It's cleaner cutting than my Forrest WWII, Ridge Carbide, Tenryu, DW7657, and Infinity Combomax, though it doesn't rip as aggressively. It's appropriate for just about any saw that'll take a 10" blade with 5/8" bore…table saw, CMS, SCMS, or RAS.

Infinity lists the 010-060 as a general purpose blade suitable for table saw and radial arm saw use, but with 60 teeth, it could just as easily be listed as a crosscut blade. It features large C-4 micrograin carbide teeth with a 30° Hi-ATB grind with a slightly positive hook of +5°. A steep positive hook helps blades rip with a better feedrate but can cause problems of "self feeding" for a RAS or SCMS, so a low to negative hook is desirable for those saws. The Infinity's 5° positive hook is suitably low to allow for safe use on a RAS or SCMS without issue, and is very desirable in a TS. It has a kerf width of 0.104" which registers on the thicker side of most thin kerf blades.

After all was said and done, the Infinity 60 tooth 010-060 was impressive on many fronts, and was really a pleasure to use. It's remarkably well made, as are any other Infinity products I've encountered. There's really a fine line between versatility and optimal performance within a given cutting range….it's pretty much impossible to achieve the best of both because they're opposing performance characteristics. As versatility increases, the blades performance at each cutting extreme decreases. The 010-060 offers slightly less versatility than a blade like the 40T WWII or TS2000, but it rewards that loss with a taste of the performance achieved by a fine task specific crosscut blade yet retains enough versatility to be left in place for other tasks. I've had the opportunity to try over 30 high end saw blades in the past few years. Only a few have disappointed, but very few leave such a strong impression as this one. It'll take an 80T purebred crosscut blade to yield a cleaner cut, but the differences in cut quality are likely to be negligible, plus you'd be giving up the versatility the 010-060 offers. It's not exactly suitable for a "one blade does all" situation, but it gets close and will do a fine job of a lot of tasks. It's also a super compliment to a good 24 tooth ripper, or even a blade like the 30T Forrest WWII. This is just a beautifully made high performance precision blade with some unique abilities that very few blades offer.