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infeed table saw extension

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looking for different plans to make a infeed table saw extension for my bosch table saw. I have seen this one. Any new ideas/design/plans would be appreciated

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I don't know, seems like anything you do would get in the way of the rip fence. Why do you need an infeed table?
I considered on of those when I owned my first tablesaw to expand my crosscut ability but after further study, I build a tablesaw sled (Eagle Lake Woodworking video) which worked out better in my opinion.
I may be missing something but isn't an infeed table going to get in the way? I mean my arms aren't that long to be able to push the wood past the blade, so I would be leaning way over.
humm, lots of good comments.
the reason is that when i use my sled. At the start I need to pull it quite a bit back (To squaare a 17 inches cutting board) and the sled wants to hang over the table or drop off the table
That is why this model is a narrow extention i think so that he can stand on the side of it when pushing is sled.
I have an INCRA miter sled. I also have an other type os sled which also can give me this problem.

try making a panel cutting sled with the fence of the sled at the front instead of the rear,it works for me to solve that problem
Take a look at
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I used a similar device when I worked in a plastic fab shop. In place of the roller stand, we just had a piece of plywood as a leg. The leg was attached with a piece of continuous hinge and folded up against the table for storage. I cut many 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheets of plastic, some at thick at 1 in. by myself.


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