Meadow Valley Machinery - Vintage Grinder - Hand powered (Rating: 5)

Vintage Grinder-hand powered.

If you do much sharpening, you know how valuable a hollow ground tool is. Using a low speed grinder is a way to grind your tool safely without losing the steel's temper. Also, it is easier to grind accurately at low speed.
Anyone who has attended inside passage school of fine cabinetmaking knows about hand crank grinders, and how wonderful it is to have a hollow ground blade to sharpen.
the problem has always been finding a good quality grinder, as the hand crank style went out of vogue long ago. Used vintage grinders can sell for a broad range of prices online, but you never know if they are going to last. I personally went through three in two years, broken shafts when trying to change wheels, and gear mechanisms that just give out.

All of this is fixed by sourcing a new grinder.
Meadow Valley machinery of Barker New York, produces a Vintage grinder of fabulous quality. I have not been this impressed with the quality of a tool since i first saw a Lie-Nielsen plane a dozen years ago. High quality materials, fit and finish, and most importantly , Great results.
Heavy duty wheel guard, oil impregnated bronze bearings, and 60 cranks per minute equals 540 rpm, so true low speed. and made in the USA.

I use The Veritas grinder tool rest that i have, so I did not try the included tool rest. I am using the included grinding wheel.

The price is a bit steep at $355usd(shipping incl) plus duty, but i weighed this against the price of the dozens of tools i will sharpen with it regularly. easily justified.
The company (Meadow Valley Machinery) is a small family run business without a website or e-mail address, so i was a little apprehensive purchasing a costly item sight unseen.
Now that i have received the grinder and experienced the quality of their product, I am excited by the other woodworking items in this company's catalog.
I expect to get a lifetime of use from this grinder, and any other tools i purchase from this company.