Incra - I-Box (Rating: 5)

I just had to post this since it is such a positive item. I have just ordered the Incra I-Box jig and I went to the site to order a couple of doodads to go with the jig. An extra guide arm, plate and the rings that help set it to the size of the miter slot. Not that much really but I was pretty surprised that shipping was almost a 1/3 of the price of the order altogether. Anyway I wrote in the comments section that I thought that the shipping was kind of high for so little. I wasn't angry about it just that I thought the price for shipping was too much. Later in the day (Saturday 01/14/17) I received a response saying that my comment had been read and that a issue was found with how the computer figures shipping and fixed and they lowered my shipping by over half the original amount. While I have not received my tool yet I felt that I needed to give them 5 stars just for customer service. The letter I received was very polite and considerate so I say Great Job INCRA!! I will continue to purchase from this company.
Thank you