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Incra® V120 Miter Gauge

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I am looking for feedback on this mitre gauge. Anyone have one/used one? Any opinions you'd care to share?

Thanks in advance.

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what kind is this mitre gauge
Incra® V120 Miter Gauge
Sorry, like a dufus I put it in the title and forgot to put it in the body of the question.
Incra miter gauges are all top notch from my experience, from their older V27, to the newer V120, and their 1000,3000 models.

I chose to get the 1000SE because I like the extruded aluminum fence (expandable) and their flip stop, built in measuring tape, and build in T-slots- I'm a big fan of built in features. I can add anything I want to this fence, and make it do almost everything one can think of, I think woodcraft has it on sale these days for $139 - not much more than you'd pay for the 120V.

with that said - the 120V is an excellent miter protractor. easy to use, locks well, accurate. you'll just have to furnish it with your own fence.
Thanlks for the thoughtful reply. I was considering the osbourne mitre gauge, but am now leaning towrds the Incra. I can afford the cheaper model now, and can use it on my router table, as a side benefit.
I' ve got the V27 and it is very good. Looks like the V120 is a step better. I bought it because it's cheap and I hardly use the angles between 5 degree increments. I like my V27 it for its simplicity, easy to calibrate and very solid, and I don't have to handle it like a baby because there's nothing to break. Setting angles on the Incra is accurate and almost foolproof

But like Purplev said, the fence/stop on 1000SE would be quite useful if you can afford it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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