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Include Woodworking Clubs in LJ?

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I belong to SAW, Sacramento Area Woodworkers and there are about 200 of us. Could LJ provide a place for us to post our newsletter and LJ could pick up a bunch of new members?? I'm not on the board of SAW, it is just a thought of mine.
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I've sent messages to Martin with that request before and he's stated that he'd like to do that but it hasn't happened yet.

I'm glad to see that you have lots of members. The club that I'm currently the president of the Mason Dixon Woodworkers has about 80 people on the roles but not all are current on their dues. We have about 50 or so or currently paid members.

There are a few people on LJ that live within our club coverage area, but we've not gotten them to enter our doors yet. But I'd like to see a Workshop area and a club area on LumberJocks.

One of the reasons is I'd like to be able to invite more LumberJocks to our workshops. Out Shaker Table workshop has a cost of 85.00 and that includes the wood cost. The Shaker box class is about the same price.
That is an incredible bargain, plus they get a table and the skills and the connection to other club members.

Hey powers that be, how about an area for clubs to advertise and communicate? If there is a problem with doing that please let us know.

SAW members make between 1200 and 1800 toys per year for the Salvation Army and offers classes in many phases of wooodworking and how to do it safely. It would be practical to communicate via LJ.
Rob our club makes about 1300 toys each year. We've done it for about 14 years. We meet each Wed of the year except the two weeks between Christmas and News Year.
Man you guys are lucky…I wish we had something like a woodworkers club around here…would be nice. They have a few clubs up in Tulsa and Oklahoma City…but those are two hour drives.
sounds like a good idea.
It is a woodworking desert here in CA. Well at least in the central valley. I wish there were more people interested, there are only a few here(CA) that I can talk to…....
If your clubs have website links maybe Martin can put a small tab on the page somewhere that takes you to a list of clubs with links to their sites. That's what other sites like does. They have a club search link. If they don't have a website then I don't think it's right for them to use LJ's as such. There's plenty of clubs out there that have to pay for their own webspace, advertising, etc. Why ask Martin to pay for yours?

Keep the site normal with minimal changes. If members want to join a local club it shouldn't be a problem for them to look it up and join without the help of LJ's.
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