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Shop renovation #?? who knows lost count

Ok, as some of you know or gathered from my electrical questions, I have been upgrading my shop once again. When we had our new deck built this summer, I had the electrician run a 40amp sub panel to my shop. You can read about it here. When all was said and done I ran a dedicated 20amp circuit to the DC and 2 independent 20 amp GFCI circuits (about 10 pair of duplex outlets) around the shop. I debated about how high to mount them. I know 48" is fairly standard, however, i do not have an 8" ceiling so i wanted to leave space to hang stuff on the walls without worrying about covering the outlets. I settled on 42" to the top of the box. this gave me just over 48" from the floor joists to the top of the outlet. it also made hanging the top row of dry wall easier. if I had to do it again I would probably have mounted them 42" to center of the box. As it is, the bottom of the box is @ 38" which is plenty high, even if I put a 36" work surface there. After the dry wall went up i wanted to have a way of easily configuring shop walls so I am in the process of hanging three rows of french cleat around the entire shop. I have each row spaced @14"

also notice the "built-in" nook for the jointer. i really didn't want to lose the extra 4" since it is a pretty tight walk way as is :) All i have left are a few more strips of french cleat and rehang the DC plumbing, hopefully I'll time to make xmas presents….this is taking longer than i had hoped. You can see its previous state in my workshop pics

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Thanks for looking
Looks like a great work space, may it serve you well on the years to come. I like the french cleats, very versatile, should make arranging/rearranging wall storage easy to maximize your work flow.


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