Woodworkers Guild of America - Essential Woodworking Techniques (Rating: 1)

About three months ago I received a notice from this company claiming to have sent me a DVD and wanting me to either return it or send them $12.95. I never received anything from them. But, even if I did, according to the post office it would have been a gift from them and I would be under no obligation. I have asked them to quit, reported them to the post office and the BBB. So far, nothing has worked. They keep on sending demands for money. I have learned that this is one of several names used by TN Marketing LLC in Wayzata MN-and the BBB shows many similar complaints (under a variety of titles). As to the quality of this DVD, I have never seen it and don't want to see it. The post office says that "Sales" techniques like this are considered improper and I wish they would stop. Their "Service Guarantee" says I am under no obligation to participate in the program, because I didn't order the DVD, etc. Yet, they keep on sending demands for money.