Bessey - EHKXL 24" Trigger Clamp (Rating: 5)

Wow, these things are like trigger clamps on steroids! They're rated at 600# clamping force, and I believe it. The handle is larger than the EHKL version, and the jaw pads are bigger too. They retain all the features of the smaller Bessey trigger clamps, like tool-free quick change to spreader mode. You can identify the EHKXL at a glance, because they have a metal release trigger. I used these clamps to straighten a bent siding board for nailing. It worked great. You really get a sense of mechanical advantage with this clamp design. Very impressive for a trigger clamp, in fact I think these XL's will change your mind about trigger clamps entirely.

The first picture shows an EHKL clamp in front of an EHKXL for size comparison.