WEN - 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System (Rating: 5)

I work out of a 2-car garage that can barely hold one car because it's filled with woodworking crap, and it's a brand new car so I don't want it constantly covered in sawdust, nor do I want the rest of the garage covered in sawdust, which is how it's been for a while. I use mostly hand tools but I have a bandsaw, miter saw, sanders, etc. and my dust collection system is just me with a leaf blower out an open garage door.

So I bought this thing off amazon for about $135 because it got good reviews and was cheap. I hang it on the ceiling, not sure if it's the optimal spot, but it's close to where the action is. The photo I include here is an hour after the garage looked like an Arabian dust storm. It's got a timer - 1, 2 and 4 hours and a remote. You can turn the fan on and off on the machine itself, but the timer function only works via remote. Don't really care, just pointing that out. I find that the 1 hour setting never gets everything, but if you had a proper DC system (I don't, like I said) I'm guessing 1 hour might be sufficient to clean the air.

This is a pretty small filter, I wouldn't get it for a large shop. But you could buy 2 for less than 1 small JET and filter almost (not quite) the same amount of air, and perhaps do it faster. And I also wouldn't get it thinking you can use it as your entire DC system. I read an amazon review from a guy who said while sanding in a one car garage it removes some dust in the air but not all. He didn't say if he hooked his sander to a DC, but I can't imagine why you would think this thing would filter the air enough while sanding. That's not what it's for. I've had it on while working but it's really something to use after you're done. And if you run it with the garage door open, it's useless. Close it, turn it on, leave.

Not the solution for everyone, but for me this works great.