Ridgid - STEALTH FORCE hydraulic Impact driver (Rating: 4)

I have been using impact drivers for a while, but in the past two years, the technologies have exploded. Buying and impact driver is like buying a laptop now. Heck, Milwaukee makes one that links up with your phone with Bluetooth now. In this video review kind of thing, I look at RIDGIDs Gen 4x vs. 5x Brushed Technology, while also looking at newer Brushless technology in the form of a Makita offering compared to the brand new brushless hydraulic drivers, in this case, RIDGID's hydraulic STEALTH FORCE driver.

Does the new brushes technology really outperform the old stuff?

Is brushless battery life really that much better?

Does all of this new technology come at a weight penalty?

With all this torque which one really just drives a lag the fastest?

Is the hydraulic technology really THAT much quieter?

In this quick video, I try and answer all of these questions. This is by no means a scientific study and in no ways is it comprehensive, but I hope it gives you a little bit of an idea about what all that marketing spin means on those boxes next time you go to the home center to pick out a new tool.

I did my best to keep it apples to apples, the battery test was performed with a 2ah battery for all tools. The speed test was conducted with a 3ah battery. Weight was taken without a battery installed…

Anyways, check out the video and let me know what you think. If nothing else I hope this is helpful.

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In my case despite the weight difference and slight difference in battery life between the Stealth Force and Makita's Brushless design, for the same price I would still go for the Stealth Force. The point is made easier since the Stealth Force kit comes with two 3ah batteries. The way a hydraulic drive torques in a much more consistent manner, the torque doesn't hammer through the action but constantly torques the screw, although it can sometimes over torque your wrist when finishing a screw. This thing great for driving long lags and screws.

Having used the Makita for a couple years, I find myself reaching for the Stealth Force in almost every scenario now. The sound levels are so much better as well, using the hydraulic drivers is more in line with using a traditional drill, once you try it you'll have a hard time going back.

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