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image search (projects)

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just an idea - I think it would be a good feature to implement to show images when searching through projects.

example: I just searched for coffee tables as I'm trying to come up with a design that will work for me. I wanted to see what's out there, so I searched "coffee tables" in the search bar no top of LJ page, then clicked "projects" to filter it down and see only projects. what I got was a list of several pages with links to projects. but I had to click each link to see the actual coffee table. this is tedious, and somewhat non productive when you're trying to find something.

I think doing a photo-gallery view for search results in projects might be a good thing in this case. I ended up dropping my search on LJ and did a google search - then clicked "images". I would however like to do the same for LJ which is all woodworking related.
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on the projects tab, there is a short list of keywords that does what you are asking. the downfall is the limitation of keyword options… and of course jocks need to make sure they are using keywords when posting.
Towards the bottom of the page, you will see a Tags link. Click on it and try Coffee Table…
this is what I got....
You can also do a search on google for coffee table under images.
cool. thanks darryl, and sIKE - thats what I was talking about. whew- that was an easy implementation!

Jim - Thanks! thats what I ended up doing, a search on google under images, but was trying to also get the same result here on LJ which is better than google ;)
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