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If you're feeling down... #2

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...then watching this will make your head explode into candy from the cuteness overload..

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And I thank you Mocha…I smilled everytime the feet did their thing… thanks Jei
Too cute, I'll have to show my grandson, he'd get a kick out of it, Thanks Jei..
What is he exactly?
Besides cute I mean!
baby hamster i believe
This is the last thing I thought Id see today LOL
Awww hes so cute!! Thanks for uploading this video.. really put a huge smile on my face.
OMG thats soooooooo funny thanks for sharing
That was so cute that I half expected a cat to jump in and ruin the whole thing in the last few seconds.
Thats one less piece out there that I have to worry about it, Mocha is doing a public service!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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