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If its made out of plastic, these guys have it...

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Got their (huge 350 page!) catalog a lil while ago, and been browsing the site, they have a massive selection of pretty much anything that is remotely plastic related, as well as a lot of commercial/industrial products, including an awesome selection of UHMW sheets/shapes/tapes (the main reason I was checking them out). Prices and shipping seem pretty reasonable.

Also they have a lot of Phenolic products, the larger sheets were pretty pricey, but the smaller sheets seemed reasonable, dunno how Phenolic plastic compares to phenolic plywood but I was thinking might be good for ZCIs, fence faces, etc. Something to look into anyways.
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Jei, here is another good source. They also sell to the public and pricing is not bad.
I have phenolic router table plates. Great stuff. You can thread it, epoxy it, drill it, saw it and shape it. Tough stuff. Will clog a sander, so you need to dress the belt every once and a while. Router leaves the best edge.
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