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If I wanted America to Fail

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If I wanted America to Fail

... 4 minute video…
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Sure glad you liked it, Jim…

I thought a lot of points were very well taken… that we haven't thought much about… that we should think about… and cut them off at the pass before it's too late.

Thanks again…
If you think America is going to fail because of the fact that people are talking about science and that the majority elected a president who isn't a science denier, well you might as well move south.
I think the counter point I would like to point out is, if one wanted to give the US a chance to succeed, then we would invest in education, make science a priority. We should stop pandering to alarmist who are actually only trying to remain in power by undercutting the populace with videos such as this.
There is a reason gas prices are high, and most of it is because of the market. The fact that we are exporting gas at record rates should tell you why you are paying more at the pump. Of course it is easier to beleive that it some kind of conspiracy.
I just had one more death in the family today, seems that I can't go a year without one. I come from a large family, but it sure puts things in perspective. I am glad I live in an age when all the information in the world is at my finger tips, but I am blessed that I have a good education that filters out the crud, for lack of the popular term.
Well carry on.
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We should stop pandering to alarmist who are actually only trying to remain in power by undercutting the populace with videos such as this.

Mel, you're calling this guy an Alarmist?!

It looked like to me he was pointing out areas that had already been created by Alarmists…

He was describing things that are being done or have been done "To make America Fail" while once in a while saying "instead, I would do…"
I'll click once for a video, but I'll be damned if I'll click twice.

Getting old… losing that extra energy required… ??? LOL
Not the energy - just that there's no reason the link here can't go directly to the video instead of that other site first.
OK… then just don't do it… why make a deal of it?
I wonder sometimes why in the United States all things scientific, such as evolution or spherical Earth, are so poorly excepted by the general public. But then I watch a video like this and it all suddenly makes sense.
Here is the direct link although my soul will probably be damned for posting it.

"I will teach one generation of Americans that their factories and cars will cause a new ice age…"

Wow, just … wow. That never happened BTW. The whole "ice age" thing from the 70's was sensationalism created by the media, Newsweek later apologized for their role in misleading the public. Even then, the consensus was forming that humans could be accelerating the warming trend that began 10,000 years ago.

"When it's cold out, they call it climate change instead."

No, when it's cold out we call that a cold front (or winter). Weather is to climate what a note is to a symphony.

"I would never teach children that the free market is the only force in history to uplift the poor, establish the middle class and create lasting prosperity…"

No of course not, because it isn't even remotely true.

I could go on but this is an awful video full of misleading statements and outright lies.
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The video is full of facts that liberals refuse to accept.

After all, why let facts get in the way of "collective indoctrination of the masses"

First thing you know, people will start thinking for themselves. Perish the thought!

Looks like you found another rock to turn over. They again crawl out from underneath.
Keep up the great work.
Some great reading for you in your criticism of the U.S.:

Sweden a Perfect Example of Socialism Run Amok

By Herbert London

There is a contagion of madness in Western Europe. It is not merely the preemptive conciliation that afflicts politicians who are ready to subordinate Christian civilization to Islam; it is the wholesale program to promote socialism, even if it leads to economic ruination.

While over-extended socialist Europe faces collapse from Spain to Greece, overtaxed Sweden is eager to instruct immigrants on how to get free benefits from the government.

According to a proposal from Swedish Immigration authorities, all newly arrived immigrants will undergo courses in "societal values" and be taught about the unique qualities of the society. "Without knowledge of fundamental societal values an important prerequisite to be able to live and work in Sweden is lacking," writes Erik Amna in a debate article in the Dagens Nyheter daily.

Amna contends that the municipalities should offer a 60-hour course on three areas: values, the welfare state, and everyday life, i.e. practical knowledge of how the welfare state works. Not only will Sweden have generous give-away programs, but it intends to instruct new arrivals on how to obtain them.

Here is an unvarnished version of the plan that is destroying Europe. The idea that you can obtain these government benefits without a cost is absurd. There is no such thing as a free lunch even if Swedish authorities challenge that idea. Someone has to pay and the extortionate tax rate in Sweden indicates someone is paying.

The problem, of course, is that the high taxes, which serve as a transfer payment, stifle innovation and relegate a portion of the population into shiftlessness. While the cradle-to-grave welfare state has an appeal to economic tyros who believe money grows on trees, the lessons of welfarism are coming home to roost in the form of insolvency and contractual failure.

Sweden may not yet be in the position of Greece, but its policies will in time result in a similar outcome. There isn't a painless way out of the trap of socialism. What makes this journey inexorable is the belief benefit packages have to be disseminated to one and all, even new immigrants recently arrived on Swedish soil.

What this orientation does, of course, is create a lobbying group for further welfarism. It explains why retrenchment is so difficult. How do you remove what citizens are accustomed to receiving?

For years American socialists cited Sweden as the nation we should emulate and now Barack Obama seems to agree. But as Margaret Thatcher once noted socialism fails when you run out of other people's money. Alas, the unfunded liabilities in Sweden and the United States serve as a vivid reminder that at some point you must pay the piper.

The mounting debt across the European continent is weight on the shoulders of every resident. But apparently the Swedes are either blind to their predicament or choose to avert their gaze. How else can one explain proselytizing new immigrants so they request their government goodies?

The dream of a world of plenty, a cornucopia of all you want, has been transmogrified into a nightmare of debt and shattered promises. Sweden was the dream and for some it remains so, but the illusion cannot persist. The newly arrived immigrants instructed with Sweden's social values will soon become jaded when give-aways disappear as quickly as soap bubbles.
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The whole Video is more "Tongue in Cheek"... I think you're trying to turn it around.
"Some great reading for you in your criticism of the U.S."
Why did you think I was criticizing the US escapes me. I simply made an observation that the public in it is so peculiarly ignorant by comparison and was wondering why is that? Some say it's a bliss. Quick glimpse at the article though would surprise anyone who's been paying attention:

"The mounting debt across the European continent is weight on the shoulders of every resident. But apparently the Swedes are either blind to their predicament or choose to avert their gaze. "
Could this be because Sweden is running budget surplus and have one of the lowest public debt in the world at ~35% of GDP. (Compare that to ~ 100% in the US). Liberal media, Sweden, Greece, Muslims, all mixed up… who cares. We are all waiting for the Armageddon promised by a random blogger to unfold while clutching bags of popcorn in anticipation.

"I thought a lot of points were very well taken… "
If one gets his grasp on reality from tabloids (which apparently some people do considering the video and the article) it is easy to see why would one have such an impression. I am pretty sure few are aware that the whole theory in question is traced back to Fourier and Arrhenius. (What else would you expect from a French and a Swede - socialists!) His (Arrhenius) calculations of anthropogenic impact on global temperature are as accurate today as they were over 100 years ago. Here is an idea: skip the tabloids and go straight to the source.

BTW, Warmil is correct in his observation. 60-70s media frenzy had little to do with the actual scientific views of the time. This fact is easily verifiable by anyone who would care to find out. All nicely written and bound in what they call peer reviewed scientific journals. (Guess how I know). Warning, this involves reading and analysis.

This video is an example of blatant ignorance so ever pervasive. Whatever myth it spews, believe me, I've heard them all. Considering that the concept of evolution is still a raging battle 150 years later, I don't anticipate any shifts of public consensus in the climate change department any time soon. At the end it will probably be of little consequence since the ignorant are usually not the ones making decisions.
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Amazing how statements are made and then retracted when challenged.

And excuse me, but I have no idea what blathering facts you refer to. I would assume no one else does either.
And I don't intend to research them to discredit them.
You pretty much did that on your own with the nonsense you just wrote.

The whole Video is more "Tongue in Cheek"… I think you're trying to turn it around.

Joey, are you suggesting we shouldn't take the video seriously? If so, I agree since it is utter nonsense. Frankly I think you should be ashamed for posting it.
I don't know wormil, if posted as a joke then it succeeds very nicely, since Joe refers to it as tongue-in-cheek then that would seem to be his intent. Personally I found it humorous, sad as well since I know some really believe this stuff (see several postings above), but overall funny. Thanks for the video Joe.
Then there is the SPAMMER peddling his wares via whatever media possible. Jadee gomna so luk kurats glava! Tro da bum out!
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