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Ideas for making this happen...

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I'll be building an urn for a friend - a unity urn, which is a side-by-side model. Anyhow, the friend wants an inscription like this on the front:

My question is, how to make this happen? I can't inlay it, it's too small. I don't know how to do pyrography, nor do I have the equipment. The only think I can come up with is a water slide decal. I'm just afraid that would appear kinda cheesy?

Anyone else?
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I dont have experience with water decals, so would be interested to see what people WITH experience with it might say.

my initial instinct would be to burn it with a hot pen, but another alternative would be to use a FINE permanent marker
maybe one of those laser engraver guys could help you out ,
that would make it real pro .
I agree with David the laser engraver will do the most professional looking job. Not sure of the long term look of the water slide decal.
as a newbee my Idea is maybee a little crasy but can´t you carve it an then lack the hole piece
and then come some black colour in to the inscription and then vibe off .so the colour stay
in the carved and not on the surface if you get my point

sorry for my spelling

I agree with Dennis. Chip carve it.
You can also have it V carved with a cnc router, which will give a similar look to chip carving.
Wood burning
Water slide decals used for wood is a very good application of this type of decal. The water slide decal is only the thickness of paint once applied you can then lacquerer or varnish over the decal.

The water slide decal has been used in furniture manufacturing when a graphic is desired to decorate the furniture. This type of decal is used today in the construction of baseball bats. When the decal is applied and varnished is applied over the decal the graphics are protected from abrasion dirt and there is not a raised area where the decal is applied. Using a water slide decal to place a graphic on your project would be the best choice.

Doug Bryant

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