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I'd like to make a table lamp

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I have some bubinga that I want to use and I can't figure out what to do with it. Then I had an idea. I could, possibly, make a table lamp.

I don't have a lathe so this thing would be square. I was thinking of simply making a tallish but skinny "tower" and then capping the top with a piece of bubinga. I was thinking I could then attach the hardware for a lamp (socket and hardware for holding a lampshade) to the top. Then drill a hole in the center of the top piece to put the cord in.

I did a quick look at the rockler and woodcraft sites and couldn't find the kind of hardware I'm thinking I'll need.

Does such hardware exist? Is the idea viable? If there is such hardware how would I attach it to the top of the "tower"? I'd prefer to make the "tower" long and skinny so hopefully there is hardware that doesn't require a 20 inch surface to bolt it onto.

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You can get "lamp kits" at HD or Lowes. Contains the socket, wiring, and the hoop for a shade. Not very expensive.

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Purr, I just completed some lamps. The plans I used left a channel in the column. Then there was a base and a top cap with appropriately sized holes drilled in them. Finally, a nipple ran the length of the column with a nut on each end to hold every thing securely in place. Your challenge will be to find a nipple long enough. Be certain to get it with enough clearance for the cord to easily run up through the center. PM me if you have questions because I probably didn't explain this well. There may be other ways to skin this cat, but this is the way I did it. HTH

P.S. I love the look/color contrast of oiled bubinga and think it will make an outstanding lamp.
Thank guys! I think those hardware kits are something like I'm looking for but I'm not sure how I'd mount the hardware on a flat piece of wood.

I'll take a look at your project. I'm sure I can learn from it.

Is this something that is basically… stupid? Trying to make a square/rectangular lamp instead of using a lathe and a turning blank?
...I m not sure how I d mount the hardware on a flat piece of wood.

- Purrmaster
Usually the cord runs through a threaded conduit which would screw into a hole drilled into the wood. The socket assembly then screws onto an exposed portion of the conduit. The conduit I'm talking about is the barrel-looking piece, in Jerry's photo, between the bottom, open ends of the loop. Yours may have to be a bit longer, however.
I guess I still don't entirely understand how you attach the bulb socket the lampshade support (I think it's called a harp) to the top of the lamp. Do I need to somehow drill screw threads into the wood?
The lamp socket screws into an 1/8" pipe nipple. The nipple is inserted thru a hole drilled in the lamp The depth of the hole controls the length of nipple you need. The cord is threaded thru the nipple into the socket.
AandC style posted a very good description in his post.
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