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I wonder what application this has for woodworking? (a must see video)

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That stuff looks pretty cool. I especially liked the demo with the untreated glass framed in treated. That was just down right cool.

I would say it would make a good table finish, but… then again, any spills would just end up skittering off to the floor?

Wonder what it would do if you coated a bowel or a cup…
This is amazing stuff isn't it.
Popped up a few days ago…...................
never saw that thread - guess this is kind of redundant…..................................
Redundant no, great invention yes….................
Would be great for boats, canoe paddles, cutting boards or any thing else that come in contact with water that you don't to decay prematurely. Amazing stuff, if it actually works as presented.
Very interesting for sure
. . . .Wonder what it would do if you coated a bowel. . . .

Well, you probably wouldn't need a toilet roll!

Sorry Mosquito - couldn't resist!
It would be awesome if it repelled glue and finish like that as well. I'd slather my finishing table with it
wicked cool.
lol Don. I need to remember to better check the "predictive typing" when I'm on my tablet lol
As per the previous thread, the 2, 1 gal. components sell for approx. $500.00.

If you could coat your new car with this there may finally be an answer to the salt corrosion on automobiles from the winter road treatments.

Kind of reminds me of Rain-X on the car's windshield, which is a Great product.

Work Safely and have Fun. - Grandpa Len
Wow!! That would be awesome to coat my Wooden finger rings in!
Now there's an idea, Len. At least for more expensive cars, what's another grand or two?
Might be useful for that person that ran into the instant-rust problem with condensation forming on all the metal surfaces in a cold shop.

I haven't read anything about how quickly it wears off though.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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