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I try, I,try but do I succeed ? not very well ! Or so it seems LOL

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I finally managed to get myself made two new fittings for the Delta large scroll saw this is the one with quick Blade fitting ,but I still have problems changing the blade. I guess it's time likes this I wish I had amore steady hand LOL but on the other hand are these things just far too fiddly? What is your experience with quick change blades on scroll saws? I would love to know were I am going wrong. Am I tightening the bolts too tight? or not tight enough ? It seems that there is only the very front portion of the jaws which holds the blade is this correct ? Behind this is air so it would seem .I am too tired tonight but wonder what your experiences are? Alistair
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Dunoon, do you try to lower the top with the back screw before you hook up your blade. I've got the same saw and don't have any problem hooking up my blades. The blade can be over or under tightened, but there should be plenty of room to get a hold of your blade. Are you saying your blade seems like it isn't long enough?
First off I have known people that refer to quick blade fitting, or quick blade changing as being BOTH pin and pinless blades. Which kind are you using?
Alison I am using pinless only this is a modern saw .I've never really been able to use itm properly thanks.It seems as though the very front portion of the blade jaws grip the blade ,and I seem to get the blade behind that portion were talking afraction of an inch or about a mm or less .Eventually it works sometimes anyway,but can take an hour or so it's very off putting I have seen people do this on youtube in seconds which it's supposed to be.Alistair ps I am using expensive blades made in Germany
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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