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I think I screwed up

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So I'm making a couple of cutting boards for a few relitives. When I make items I put my name on it with a heat brand (i got it from rockler). In my haste, I started oiling the boards and I forgot to brand them. Is it too late or can I still brand them with the oil on them. Or will I set the board on fire? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced,

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take a sample of the same wood as your cutting boards
apply the same finish as your cutting boards
heat up your branding iron and give it a test burn - then you will know.

Burn it.
yep, i've done the same thing, might leave a little darker area, but it worked, mine is a simple 1'' round with three letters.
good luck, thats what sanders are for. lol
No worries mate, it's going to work out just fine..Oiled boards aren't going to fire up.. But if your worried sand away at your branding area,,brand and then re-oil.
I did have one blow up when I accidentally soaked it in lacquer thinned to dissolve the oil.
+1 burn that board.
Thank you, I will brand it today. I was just worried that the whole thing would go up in flames. Much thanks guys.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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