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I need some ebony

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Hello all, I have a project I am about to get started on and I need about five pieces of scrap ebony around five inches long and one inch square. Does anybody have any solid black ebony scraps laying around that you don't see yourself using?


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In the world of ebony, something that is 5" long and 1" square is not a scrap.

Here is a reasonably priced (IMO) source for gabon ebony. They also have some of the other types of ebony.
You could always just stain a cheaper wood for the effect.
What is "FOC bases"? How does one buy from mahadevwood?
Praki, I don't know what that means either. I sent mahadevwood a private message but he hasn't responded.
I wanted to use ebony on a project a while back. I thought, like you, that what I needed would have been basically scraps in someone else's shop. After doing some research though, I decided that Minwax ebony stain was the way to go for me. I could buy several gallons of the stain for what it would have cost me to buy enough genuine ebony. I wound up using oak. It took several appications to get it as dark as I wanted it (solid black, but still able to see grain), but it was worth it. One lady that seen it commented that she loved the look of the ebony but that it was a shame that I wasted such a lovely wood on a picture frame. Since she was only commenting on a picture frame I made my wife, I didn't bother telling her it wasn't real ebony.
FOC=free of charge? (Well you can hope, right)
Hi All -

When the topic of ebony came up, I couldn't resist telling the following story:

Back in November, my wife and I took a trip to South Africa. Always wanting to see how the other woodworkers live, I decided to visit a local lumber supply house in Cape Town called Rare Woods.

What they had was fairly exotic, but 'local' to them. Although nothing we can't get here. Except for the antique factory beam made from Gabon ebony. Yup, an old wooden beam about 10" x 12" x 22' long. I almost wet myself. They were asking $12,000 US. It looked like it had been sitting around for some time. If there was any way in he!! I could have stuffed that in my carry-on, my life would have been complete. What I found distressing was how my wife thought I was nuts to get excited over some dusty, old wooden beam.

As fellow woodworkers, I'm certain many of you would have felt the same seeing this poor, old ebony beam just lying on the factory floor collecting dust. Did I mention it was JET-BLACK???

Anyone want to go in half-sies with me???
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I bought a small chunk of ebony recently (2×2x5in) from Rockler Woodworking supply ( for not that much money…around $10 I think.
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Rockler retail store, that is. Went to the store in Ontario, CA. Had all kinds of small pieces in various sizes. If you don't need much it seemed the way to go for me. Just making small accent inserts for Mission style furniture I am making.
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Na, I'm not that lucky. All we've got here is a Lowes, (sigh).
Check ebay. Once in a while you'll find a deal. Wood is probably going cheaper with the economy in the toilet.
Yep, you can buy good ebony from rockler website, I got some for a cigar box guitar fretboard I'll build as soon as I get a matching box:)
I just remembered a piano repair guy who was selling ebony and ivory on ebay a couple of years ago. Pieces might be too small?
Check Griffin Exotics.

They've got some Jumbo pen blanks that are 7/8"x5-6" at $3/each, as well as some 1"x1"x12" A-grade for $6.90 that you could cut in half, and 2-grades above that.

I have not personally dealt with the, but have heard many good things about them from other LJs.
Hi Zeke, You might try almost any exotic wood supplier. I use Eisenbrand in Torrance, CA. . . .ask for 'cue butts', blanks used primarily for cue stick handles; they'll be 1.5 to 2 or so sq by 18 to 24 inches long. The suppliers usually have them cut in advance, often stickered so they can air dry, with waxed ends to prevent checking. They vary in price with quality and dealer, from $10 to $30 or so each. You can also find other wood (Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, even Pink Ivory) in cue butt form. I use them often for turned magic wands.
Thanks everybody. I have purchased a few blanks off ebay, but thank ya'll for turning me on to so many new exotic wood suppliers.
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