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I need some advice on a problematic tablesaw...

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I very recently bought a Grizzly 1023 RLWX 5 HP left tilt tablesaw..
my ordering experience was terrible
My freight experience was worse
My experience setting the saw up was more awful than the previous steps combined.
BUT after all this struggle i finally got it adjusted and set up to my liking; cuts like a dream.
until tonight..
I cut a bunch of thin strips of some spruce (3/16"W from 11/16" material) and probably about 10-15 minutes in i noticed the saw start to make a loud whining sound. thinking it might be my dust collector for some strange reason I shut that down but the sound persisted. When i shut down my table saw the noise stopped very quickly (2-3 seconds after hitting the off button or less) I took the insert out and looked around.. not really sure what for.. nothing seemed out of place. I removed the blade and checked the dust collection hose that sits below the blade and it was clear. I removed the blade and turned the saw on and no noise.. odd.
the last thing i checked was the motor.. and it was so hot i couldnt hold my hand on it for more than 2 or 3 seconds at a time. After leaving the saw for about 20 minutes it was still just as hot. Even checking it right now an hour and 20 minutes after use it's still very hot. i would say no discernable difference in temp from before. I put the probe of a meat thermometer on the motor and it read 130 F.
Needless to say after my experience getting the saw here and running properly.. this is kind of the last straw on this thing.. I'm wondering if I got a dud or if I did something wrong.
I'm gonna call them tomorrow and try to get some answers but I figured this isn't a bad place to look either.
Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.
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I just purchased a grizzly 5hp sliding table saw and the motor had a bad run capacitor from the start.
It got pretty quick and the customer support people were easy to deal with and I had no problems with them.
What problems did you have on the ordering experience? That's never been a problem for me.

As for the whining, I would wonder if the fan on the end of the motor was loose and spinning or even the centrifugal switch but if it's still holding the same temperature, that would mean power is still flowing even after it's been shut off.

There is a youtube vid on the internet from grizzly on how to adjust the centrifugal switch on the motor. Maybe it's staying engaged or loose as well. It's held onto the shaft by a set screw.

The switch might be a problem as well, if it's staying hot because power is still passing through to the motor and keeping it hot.
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As far as my experience getting the saw.. I wanted to go pick it up since i'm not too far from bellingham WA but they arent open on saturdays so that sucks.. I should have just taken a day off and went and got it because i had to take a day off anyway to catch the freight delivery.. which UPS screwed up and i was supposed to get it on a thursday but instead they sent it out on a wednesday and took it back to the shop.. so when i took the day off thursday it wasnt coming so i also had to burn the day friday actually recieving it.. when I got it the trunions were more than 1/8" out of alignment and the maximum alignment on the table still left me like .040 out from the front of the blade to the back.. so I had to take some extreme measures to get it to align properly..
But as an update, I took the blade that was makeing the noise and set it aside and put in another blade. No noise. so I'm assuming it has to be something with that blade itself. it was a cheepo Avanti blade so if it's screwed no big deal.
I am a little worried about the motor still though. On the label the motor reads under 'Heat' 60 C so that's like 142 degrees or something so idk if i'm just being paranoid or if there is something actually wrong with it.
I'm not sure that power was still passing through because i unplugged the saw when i was done worrying about it last night. and it definitely took more than 2 hours to cool down
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Perhaps the first blade that made the noise was rubbing on the insert. You could try running with that blade without the insert. (Of course, you don't want to actually cut anything without an insert.)
I did try to run it without the insert, It still made the noise.
I'm really not sure. the different blade made a huge difference though.. and if it is the blade I'm really not worried about it because it was a $30 set of blades.. so 15 bucks for a bunk blade is okay with me.
the motor still gets incredibly hot though. I'm wondering if it's just normal… I know the surface temperature is well below 60 C so i'm just not sure..
made a sweet little bridge today though haha. I used it for about 2 hours with no noise from the new blade
the run capacitor thing is certainly worth investigating.. I think i'm gonna e mail grizzly and get to the bottom of it
I am a little worried about the motor still though. On the label the motor reads under Heat 60 C so that s like 142 degrees or something so idk if i m just being paranoid or if there is something actually wrong with it.

- Henebrecht
Motors get hot, particularly when under load… hot enough to not want to touch them. The temperature listed on the motor should be either max. ambient or temperature rise above ambient. Either way, it doesn't sound like it's getting excessively hot, but keep an eye on it just to make sure.

I think a call to Grizzly is the first thing I would do…..they should be able to answer the heat question.
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