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I need help from some military wood workers

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I had a cousin that died last week, his funeral was yesterday. He was in the United States Army and a Vietnam Veteran. He was a trained Helicopter Repairman Crew Engineer for B Company - 25th Aviation Battalion - 25 Infantry Division. Anyway I am going to make a case for his flag and I wanted to know if anyone had plans with the sizes. And if there is anything else I should know. I also have the empty shell from the 21 gun salute and was hoping to incorperate them somehow. He had an old trunk that he loved thats made out of quater-sawn oak that I'm gonna make it out of. I also had 2 grandpas die in the last year or so, one was in the Navy and the other was in the Air Force. So I have 3 flag cases to make. One grandpa was into donating blood so his will be made out of bloodwood. The other I haven't decided what kind of wood yet. Any advice would be helpful.


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here is a site that has some plans

I've made mine from red oak. Take 3 empty shells and place one inside each corner of the folded flag.

Thanks Lew
Looks like Lew beat me to the punch. I knew I had seen the Flag Box project in WOOD Magazine and after a little investigating I found it in the October 2002 issue ( issue #144 page 82). The WOOD display box is a very basic, simple design, nowhere as nice as the one one the website that Lew is talking about, but the project includes the proper folding procedure for the flag (which Lew's probably does as well).

Best of luck Tom, and thanks for remembering us Vets, I also was part of the Tropic Lightning Division (the 25th).
God Bless.
I have made a few cases. Two are posted on my page :

They are nothing fancy, just hope to give you some ideas. I have plans for a case that has a front door that opens. It is a rough drawing. If you're interested, I might be able to scan it or fax it to you. PM me if you like.
I made one last year for a frend. I just mesured the allready folded flag and designed it my self. Made out of red oak, the back 1/4" luan plywood and the front lexan. Bought felt pads for the bottom. I inset the back panel and grooved the three sides for the lexan. Not a happy project, but it will be rewarding.

I am actually in the process of creating a simple case design for the flag from my fathers funeral. I am drawing it in Sketchup and would be happy to send you the plans (Sketchup Drawing file) if you would like.

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