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I Made The Dumbest Mistake On My Dutch Tool Chest. Advice???

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Sooo, I have a small predicament…I am working on a Chris Schwarz Dutch Tool Chest Build and I am building it via a video he made and his pdf plans and I FORGOT TO ADD ONE OF THE TWO SHELVES!!! He presented the small chest but I built the bigger one. I don't know how I missed it but I only put the lower shelf in!!! I think it's because I didn't see it in the diagram…DOH!!! Also, I'm very sleep deprived with four kids…Lol. Ok, I'm making lame excuses now. Anyhow, I didn't cut the dados for the top shelf and I already nailed on the top front piece with cut nails. I don't want to remove them now. How would you suggest adding the upper shelf in behind the top piece? I thought about nailing in from the sides and front. I also thought about adding "runners" (I think they're called that) and just dropping the shelf in on top of them and then nailing in from the sides and front. Your help for this very amateur woodworker would be much appreciated!!! :)

P.S. Pay no attention to those locks. They are way too narrow and leaning. I promise the slots aren't off. Just had to throw that in there to make myself feel better! Lol.

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Add runners. If you want to hide them, add a stop dado on each end of the shelf so it slides over the runners.
Gluing on runners like Don recommends would be my solution too. It's a long grain glue joint so it'll be strong as hell, and if you use contrasting wood, it can even be decorative.
Thanks Don W. I like this idea!
Thanks Jonah! I like the idea of contrasting wood. I have some walnut that would look great on this.
You and I could start a club for dutch chest users with four kids. It might be a bit of niche group though.
JADobson haha. Yes we could. Yes, probably micro niched. Lol. Hey, as a start I just followed you on Instagram. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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