EMTECH - EM 8000CV (Rating: 5)

I'm sure I have sprayed 20+ different waterborne topcoats the last 6-7 years. Several of which I've sprayed well over 50 gallons of! Most of which was on corporate or commercial projects.

As with most things, there are things I like and dislike about all of them. About a year ago I decided to try emtech. Jeff (owner, target coatings) suggested I use 8000cv. I had yet to shoot a waterborne conversion varnish that I liked so I went with 9300 instead. After a short learning curve I became fond it, although it can picky about how its used.

One of my big clients ask me to make them some walnut tables finished with EnduroVar, so I did. EV has a beautiful color to it, but I found it's not a high enough quality product for commercial tabletops. With that I decided to try EM8000cv.

I spray using a Fuji Mini-Mite 4 with their T70 gun (great system btw). With this setup I was instantly happy shooting 8000cv. It took very little playing to get it to work good. This stuff shoots nice, lays down great and feels very good to the touch. You do need to strain it, and I run water through my gun after every coat (gun held upside down under faucet till stream runs clear). And on that note, this stuff has to be the easiest stuff I have ever cleaned out of a gun. Bonus!

Did I mention durability yet! Oh yes, it's durable! I had some epoxy leach out of some knots on an ash table. I was able to soak those spots enough with denatured alcohol that I could scrub and pick all the bad epoxy out WITHOUT effecting the finish! I was blown away! I have a walnut table in my office that has only 2 coats of 8000cv on it that I have abused as a test piece for a good 6 months, and it looks like the week after I shot it!

I highly recommend this product (as well as Target Coatings in general) for anyone that sprays on their topcoats as it is the best product I have used!

Ash top with 3 coats of 8000cv
Brown Wood Flooring Floor Natural material

Oak tops with walnut inlay. Left is untouched, right has one coat 8000cv
Wood Flooring Floor Building material Hardwood

Before picture of some reclaimed barn wood tops, skip planed (bottom side up)
Table Furniture Property Wood Interior design

Now the top sides with 3 coats of 8000cv
Table Furniture Wood Flooring Interior design

Wood Rectangle Table Wood stain Hardwood