Bosch - 1297DK (Rating: 1)

Let me make it clear up front, I am a huge fan of Bosch tools and own several, including a sliding miter, a job site table saw with a gravity base, hammer drills, a saber saw and a trim router. I am pleased with all of them and made that clear in my reviews I have written about Bosch equipment. But, then there is this little tool.

Of course, for a sander to work, you, first, have to mount sandpaper on it. This tool allows that. You just shouldn't turn the sander on and expect it to hold the sandpaper. That breaks the deal on this sander, unless you want to cut the cord off (to get it out of the way) and use the sander as a paper weight.

In addition to drum sanders, stationary and portable belt sanders, I have about five pad sanders. My "collection" includes about five sanders (Dewalt, Porter Cable, Bosch and Makita). As you might guess from that, I use finish sanders a lot. Because of that, I quickly learn if a given sander is worth having around. Subsequently, I learned the Bosch sander is a waste of space, or an expensive paper weight.

I bought this on sale. It didn't hold paper then, so I returned it. The new or repaired one held paper better, but only for a short while. Now it's back paperweight status, or maybe I'll think of someone I don't like and give it to them.

The problem appears to be with the single, push lever, which seems unable to exert sufficient force to hold the paper under the extreme vibration produced by this [or any] sander.