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I hope everyone takes time to watch!!

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This was sent to me by a mate with whom I served in the Royal Australian Navy in the 1970's

I found this very moving as I am sure will most of you...
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Thank you Larry
The song is very touching-the thing that really stinks is that a singer has to write a song like that to remind people that there are people that have served and given their lives for their various countries so that they can have the freedoms that they so love today.

Jeff Olsen (USN AQ2 '78 - '87)
Nice mate
Thank you Larry. It's always nice to be reminded of why we served.

USAF SMSgt '81 - '09
Does make one stop to pause…as it should.
Thanks Larry
Thank you , my friend : ) Beautiful song
Thank you Larry
Thanks Larry I really enjoyed this . Do you know who the singer is I'd like to look him up to hear more of his music.
Your right Larry, very moving, thanks for sharing.
good one larry…
Thanks Larry

Randy USN PT2 65-69
Good one Larry

Mike USN Ret.
I always give thanks to those who have served

this year the time came while i was standing on a kitchen cupboard fitting top scribes to the overheads

talk about surreal standing there for my minutes silence

for those who served thank you for my freedom

Very nice, God Bless to your men and women serving and those that had served as well!
Yes Larry, it is moving and too easy to forget the sacrifices of individuals and their families. We do owe them a lot for keeping us safe and free. God bless them all!
good one Larry, I seen this a couple of weeks ago, but I still had to stop and take the time to watch it again, and it is still a very touching song.
USA, USN AQ3, 62-67
Thank you Larry very nice makes you remember.
Great tribute to all our comrades who gave all for the freedom of their countries.

Thanks Larry
I salute all those of you that took the time to watch this.. If you want to hear more from this talented singer
Larry Maykin R.A.N. 74-80
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