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I haven't made toys in over 35 years but look at what this joe did!

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My son sent me an enthusiastic email about this guy who's made a damn star trek spaceship figure with the carvewright machine. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of that box, I get outdone like I've never been outdone before.

He's already asking me to print out stuff for my grandkids! First I say he helps me shell out the software upgrade to do this.
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way cool … didn't realize you had a carving machine. how do you like yours ?
It'll be around long after I'm gone for sure! I use it for everything. I'm not so steady with my hands like I used to be and even though it was an uphill climb at first it's gotten me really into computers - I'm a geek carver now!
Hey grandpa beam me up or is that Scottie . very cool Enterprise
hey grandpa … dig out that digital camera and take a couple photos of your work … I'd like to see some geek carving
Nice work…James Tiberious Kirk would be very proud! I waver back and forth about buying a computer woodworking machine because I feel it takes away alot of the "handmade" quality of a woodworking project, but on the other hand they sure can do some nice work. I don't think I could do a descent job of carving anything nearly as nice by hand.
Is your's a carvewright? mine burned up and I sent it back, had less that 10 hours on it, didn't even have it 2 weeks. At the other high school in my district that had one, it locked up on the first sign and he had to send it in for repairs and told them to keep it also. Wish you best of luck with yours. It will do cool stuff, but before I drop another $2500 on a carvewright, I will save up and get a shop bot instead.
Yeah, she's a carvewright unit. Shesh, sounds have lemon machines sprinkled around your area! Did they all come from the same dealer.

Also are you trying to say that HIGH SCHOOL kids have CarveWright machines?! And also that a school paid $2000 for a machine that they just gave away? That explains my property taxes I guess

I also forgot to post where you could see more about what this joe is doing anyway - grandpaw needs a nap.

browse the forum with you guys later!
Thats great. Gotta love the ship!
Neighbors are shooting off fireworks and I can't nap.

He put up some new pictures and check it out

I have convinced my son to buy me the add on for the carvewright with great success - what a nice kid huh? It's about time I got something back for putting him through school when he QUIT. He turned out great though and my grandkids are great (hence why I pride myself on the internet as grandpaw) I am thinking of maybe cutting out something simple like a ship or something - as few pieces as possible before I move onto something harder.
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That's a fantastic carving. I'll bet its a lot of layers.
Not to rain on everyone's parade, but it is Voyager not the Enterprise (yes I am a Science Fiction fan also).

Anywho, no matter what it still is amazing to look at.

I guess it's done now. Has anyone else made something like this now that this software version has been out for a while?
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