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I have to be the problem

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I can't go into it right now cause I'm so #%[email protected]&!^ disgusted with my self. But when it takes 50 minutes to make one one sort of 2" x 11 1/2" x 48"cut out of a log on a band saw it's time to pour a scotch and walk away from the power tools. I wouldn't trust myself to cut a straight line with kindergarten scissors right now. When I say sort of 2" x 11 1/2" x 48" I mean it starts out 9/4 and ends up 7/4 thick.

The wheels are lined up. The 1/2" Timberwolf 3 tpi AS is centered. I tightened the band till the oscillation stopped. Set the cool blocks and rear roller bearings. I lined up the Kreg re-saw fence using the slice a line half way down an 18" board parallel to the edge. And when ripping the rest of the board using the fence it was way less than a hundredth off. Now I know a 1/2 (that's one half) HP 14" Rockwell isn't designed for cutting logs. But the guy at Suffolk Machine said I shouldn't expect to go any faster than a foot a minute. H%$* I wasn't cutting an inch a minute. And the saw cut out on me four times because it over-heated. There was some serious kerf pinch on the blade.

The only two things I can think of right now. One is the fence is drifting out of alignment? Maybe it just cant handle the stress from a 90 lb. black walnut log? Number two is operator error. Maybe I can't handle the stress from a 90 lb. black walnut log.

What did I forget? What am I doing wrong?
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black walnut is mighty hard isn't it? and at 11-1/2" tall? thats a LOT of work for a 1/2hp motor…

did you scribe a line on top of the lumber and followed it by eye (roughly)? I always do that… I use the machine and the fence for guidance, but still follow a line to make sure I'm on track. even with everything aligned - with so much resistance, and hard material, the blade might want to drift aside.
Hey Doc are you using a jig to hold the log from twisting and rolling? Is the fence side of the log flat? the first two things that came to mind.
to ease some of the pinch on the blade if that's causing the problem, pause every few inches and drive a wedge in the end of the cut.
Two weeks ago I tried to cut a 10/4 piece of mazanita (extremely dry) that was 10" x 40" and burnt the wood, angle cut it and destroyed my blade. After the smoke cleared I anchored the wood to the work bench and ground it down with a belt sander. I needed a 6/4 piece and wanted to save the fall off but no way, I just ground it down… I know your frustration…
I would turn off all power tools, walk away, and then pour the scotch.

Many have been there. You'll be amazed at the clarity another day brings.
I like the photograph you've posted is that a recent picture of Ertha kit.? Alistair
In reverse order
Alistair, She's called the ugly woman of York. According to Brit lore she's a 17th century aristocrat who didn't pay the artist for an earlier painting so he immortalized her on a wall painting in York.

The scotch was 60 feet from the shop, Pine. Everything was shut down before I poped the cork. Glenlivet Nadurra is fine. I feel better already.

Is mazanita tough to cut? I've never heard of it. Oops, my ignorance is showing.

I did the wedges , Ahock

Yep, Joe. I made jig to brace the log. But some of the squealing that blade made makes me think there was still some twisting.
PurpLev, I snapped a chalk line but it was pretty hard to see.
Hey Mark
already lots of good suggestions I didn't see a new blade in there and also Ahock's making sure the blades not being pinched. also rounding the back of the blade with a stone and a little bees wax on the blade.
If you're not in the flow, it's time to go. That's been the watch-word of late in my shop. No recourse to single-malt here, but I do remember it fondly. Hope things do better when you are back at the saw.
Mazanita is VERY brittle and if someone said they could make table saw blades out of it I would believe them!
When I have a problem resawing it is usually a dull blade. That can come about with hitting some sand and grit when resawing a log. I had a brand new blade. I hit the log and saw sparks. It was gone.

Everything can be OK on the saw but if the blade is gone you won't be able to cut anything. If it bows then it means the set is gone on one side of the blade. The guides are holding it in line on the entry and exit point, but the middle bows out. Again dull and more of it on one side of the blade.
Jim and Karson, It was a new blade, I used the Olshen blade lubricant ( a lot of it) and I pressure washed the logs before I started. That's not to say there couldn't be any garbage in the bark or wood for that matter. But no sparks or metal grinding sounds.
Dang Mark, when I saw the picture I thought I knew the problem…..Your too sexy for woodworking…....well now that I know that is not you, I have no Idea…..I can't get that ugly ass woman's picture out of my mind…..Thanks a lot

Well at least she is stacked…wrinkly but stacked.

Sorry I shouldn't have gone there!!
Try resawing a piece of 2X4 . If it won't cut it, I'm back to dull. Put an old blade pr another new one back in and try it also.
That's the closest thing I've heard to a plan, Karson. I'm going to give that a try tomorrow.
since you are so smitten by my avatar, Kirk, here's a link for you
AHHHHHHH! You should put a warning or a disclaimer on that link! I clicked on it clearly not prepared for what I saw….
Man, she makes Susan Boyle somewhat attractive…..........not!!
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