Ridgid - BS1400 (Rating: 3)

I picked up this saw last feb at HD, and for $299 I figued it was a good deal. I don't resaw any thing so the size was right. The assembly of the saw was stright foward, I had it compleated in less than an hour. When I turned it on, I thought that saw was going to walk across the shop. I done some research "after I bought it" and then started fixing things one by one: The belt was replaced with a link belt from Rockler, It helped a pretty good bit but it still had a fair amount of vibration, next I ditched the vibration isolators on the motor and cut a peice of mdf and installed it on top of the stand got some longer bolts and reinstalled the motor and saw, that helped it out more but I still wasn't happy, so next I balanced the wheels and replaced the tires with some from Rockler. Sucess I have all but eleminated the vibration. More or less all this took place in the two weeks following the purchase of this saw. After I fixed all of that I decided that it was time to do a test cut, man the blade that came from the factory was horrible, so I orded a Timber Wolf blade from Grizzly and put that on. Now the saw works great, I put an HTC mobile base under it and used the crap out of the saw. This saw started out on a bad note, but now its singing a pretty good tune.