R yobi - Ryobi One Cordless Tools (Rating: 3)

About 10 years ago I bought a Ryobi combo kit from home depot which included a drill, skill saw, sawzall and flashlight. It was promptly returned and I spend the extra money on a 18V Ridgid combo kit which I have added a few batteries and extra cordless tools to over the years. About three weeks ago I was noticing the batteries were getting tired, the drill was wearing out and the other tools were showing their age.

I have been looking at the Roybi one stuff at home depot for a while thinking it was quite useful with the amount of tools that they have but reflecting on my past experience I shunned them and kept telling myself I would buy another Ridgid kit. Well as things happen my leaf blower died and I noticed at Home Depot they had the Ryobi One cordless on sale for $99 so I bit. I liked it so I bought the hedge trimmer, I liked that so I bought the work light, then my wife wanted a drill to keep in the house so I bought here a Ryobi One drill which I promptly took out to the shop and started using for my own use. I was very impressed with it, it was nothing like the cheap blue tools they used to make. I decided to take the plunge and replace all of my cordless tools with Ryobi one and I am very happy with them . In some regards they are better than my Rigid, but keep in mind my Ridgid tools were anywhere from 2-10 years old.

Here is my take on the tools I have. They are all 18V Ryobi One

Leaf Blower - I love that its cordless and I don't have to mess with gas or cords just grab it and go. It is not something you would want to do your entire lawn but blowing off the driveway after cutting the grass or clearing off the deck its great.

Hedge Trimmer - It works just as well as my corded trimmer but as with the leaf blower I love that I can just grab it and go. It will drain a battery fairly fast though but in terms of performance issues I have no complaints with it.

Work Light - This by far is the most useful out of the bunch. I love that its cordless and does not get hot like my corded one. I have found more uses for this thing than I could have imagined when I first bought it. Its super bright and will light up a fair amount of my back yard. A fully charged 2AH battery will last about an hour and a half.

Dust Buster - Its not super strong but it was $24 and I keep it next to my table saw so I am not wiping the dust on the floor. Its powerful enough to suck the dust out of the miter slots and cracks around the fence rails. It does what it is supposed to do.

Skill Saw - Im not thrilled that its a 5 1/2 inch blade but it will cut 2X4 all day just fine. I think it is more powerful than my old Ridgid and it has a laser that comes on when you hit the safety and gets brighter when you pull the trigger. The laser is dead on. Its a great feature.

Sawzall - Im going to say that my Ridgid was better but this one is faster and much lighter. If you are doing demo for a living you may want to consider something else but for myself who uses it for home projects and to break things down so they can be carted off to the dump its more than fine.

Impact Driver - This thing is an animal compared to my Ridgid. Its much faster. It will drive 3" deck screws all day long. After using this I can't believe how slow my Ridgid one was.

Drill - This was the biggest surprise of the bunch. I am still building my shop, finishing up the interior. I was using it to drill one inch holes through a top plate (two 2X4 stacked on eachother) and it was doing it with ease. It has as much torque if not a bit more than my Ridgid one had. I was very surprised there was no bogging down or anything.

Hammer Drill - Same as the drill above. As for the hammer part I had to drill a few holes in Brick a few days ago and it did the job just as well as my Ridgid did

Tire inflater - Its a bit slow but I throw it in the back of the truck when I am pulling my 10,000# boat and trailer. The trailer had four tires and one is always low. While its not the fastest inflator I can bring the trailer tires back up to 65PSI no problem. It also hase a pressure gauge built in which I have verified with a digital hand held unit and its accurate.