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I have been messing with hand planes for a few years now, rehabbing, buying and selling on ebay. But never really using or understanding how usefull and valuable a hand plane can be. I have a 300$ power planer and a very nice joiner, but both need blades and resharpening. So after thinking about what a mess dual blades can make, i decided to use my rehabed #7 type 9 hand plane to smooth and square up the legs of a new workbench. I do believe i have gained some skills with a hand plan in just rehabbing and leaening to set one up.
I begain to flatten and square the first leg, i soon seen how fast and easy it was using the hand plane along with a straight edge, it was just PLANE fun! I may wait a while to order new blades for the power planers . Wish i had done this 30 years ago.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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