Delta - 8" x 1", 5/8" Arbor - #23-197 (Rating: 5)

Been hoping to get a slow-speed grinder for a long time, for chisel snd plane blade re-grinding and
other general tasks. Never saw one come up on CL or FBM that I could buy before it was gone or
that looked decent for less money than NEW!

While I've tried to swear off both Delta, grrr, and to a lesser degree Taiwan, the real China,
now here'tis, and she's pretty decent. (As that apocryphal boy said, 'see how she schoons')

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Specs & observations
- 5A, comes wired for: 120V with grounding-plug (maybe convertible to 240V?)
- the cord is SJT, claims 120°C 300V, 18AWG (is it me or should that be 16AWG?) ~72" long (6')
- it sports a great, gooseneck lamp; that's rated up to 40W; no bulb supplied; used a 7W PAR16 high CRI
- wheel measures 7 25/32" / steel-arbor is right about 0.625"
- there is an On/Off switch with pullout lock-key (always a Delta feature in the before-times!)
- potentiometer knob for 2000 to 3400 RPM
- there is a (slip-off-slip-on) water dunking-trough right under the switch and knob
- toolrests and polycarbonate-eyeguards are a little basic, but adjustable and well thought out
- bonus: it comes with a nice diamond wheel dresser; there's a clip to store it built on the back!
- rats: probably the wheels need dressing straight from the box…
- the supplied wheels are 36 grit + 60 grit, slightly over 1", and a little vibrate-y, but usable
- the base has 4 ~0.425" holes to bolt it down - post, workbench, FLIPTOP!
- shpg weight listed as 49.2lbs!² - it's a heavy rascal, which helps absorb vibration and works better
- finally, there are flat rubber feet on the bottom which also help absorb vibration.¹

I plan to get some pink or white finer grit wheels³ and a buffing head, & probly a wirebrush.
There are some good toolrest mods on YT, but mainly for machinists who can pull out their
metal lathe, milling machine, cold rolled and al-angle scrap. Imma see what I can do, but
the supplied toolrests are usable once you figure out how to assemble them: I had to
scout some pics on the internet, the directions are for s

Maybe coulda found it for US$20 less, but bezos had it in my hot little hands in 36hrs via prime,
less than US$155. I think it's a rebrand of the white ShopFox, both companies have them made to order,
and they are apparently identical except for color and labels. If I'd had too much money, woulda been
happier with a Baldor version, but at 4-6x times the price? I'll get some mo-betta wheels
in finer grit soon, and consider a CBN or possibly a lapidary disk and backing plate, hmmmm!

Best of luck, post below if you have one, are deciding to get one, or think the tool
or my brief review are SHITE! [Deutsche: shiesse!]

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Overall: I would recommend this grinder. Try to get a good deal.

¹ it vibrates. As I adjust the speed, it gets louder then quietens down just above center,
then it gets AWESOME (both loud and very fast!) On YT, a machinist made custon flanges for the wheels and trued the arbor on his metal lathe. I can see that helping! Should already be good, but if you've read this far bless you! you'll realize the dream of a Baldor, @US$750 new and up, is not just something in my pipe! (figuratively, of course)

² the weight surprised me when I picked it up first time! As did the size of the box,
which had a 'HEAVY' sticker on it-49.2# COOL!

³ anyone have a recommendation for good wheels, CBN, buffing-wheel-stack, side-grit-disk (like the diamond-lapidary disks? I've seen them at good prices, ~<=US$15.00. I'd go for one directly, but they flex, I guess, and need a stiffener disk behind - the product material seemed to be saying that, it wasn't clear.

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